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Gated checkins and associated workitems

first post: flcdrg wrote: I've just added your plugin to TFS and it works great.We've got an ...

latest post: vletroye wrote: Same issue here... People are interested in getting a list of Assoc...

This has created a workItem outbreak

first post: Kelter wrote: This trigger was in place for quite a while before I got involved, ...

Powershell Script Errors

first post: noobtester wrote: I am getting errors when I run the script. Any ideas? Missing ...

latest post: reza_etezal wrote: try: ``` [Reflection.Assembly]::Load("Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Cli...

Baseless merge does not reatach tasks

first post: wenni057 wrote: When I do a Baseless merge, the tasks are not reconnected after that

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